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infamousmaterialist: Sounds like an A+ dream! You should make it reality

I probly should . He’s go ape shit horny!!

bunnyslayer93: Yeah that's what I thought so you wouldn't mind your husband being inside another woman? And do you think that would be a turn on?

I wouldn’t mind it as long as I get equal play time with the bitch as well :)

infamousmaterialist: So since you're so worked up about a threesome, would you ever consider bringing another guy in the mix instead?

Hmmm I would but my husband most likely wouldn’t .

My SEXY dream!!😍

So last night I had a dream that my husband was asleep in bed naked I left came back a few hours later he was still asleep, I walk into the room straddle him start turning him on and whisper I want you to fuck me. He winks at me any slides it in slowly I him just his head touches my clit. I look at him and say but I want to try something new I pull out a black blindfold and he goes along with me. And he puts it on I tell him that I’m going to run to the bathroom for a quick second I walk to the door open it and I bring in another female she’s also blindfolded. I bring the female to the bed where my husband’s laying I put her mouth on my husbands dick and I watch as she sucks it and fondles his balls. As she is sucking his dick I come behind her and slide my tongue up and down her pussy getting her really wet and I start to finger fuck her little pussy and eat her faster by this time my husbands just now realizing that there’s somebody else in the bedroom and he stops and freaks out I tell him to Keep the blindfold on saying a very stern voice and he does he’s told and just lays his head back I come and sit on his face as he licks my little pussy, I begin to fontal play with her breast and I go down and meet her and both suck on his dick our tongues touching sucking kissing making it nice and wet. We switch positions and she sits on his face while I start fucking my husband me and her make out and play around. After I fuck him for a good bit I put him on his knees and I throw her and doggy position and he starts fucking her I grabbed his hand and lead it to my pussy I whisper play with me. He starts fingering me and fucking her as he’s fingering me I slide my head between her legs to start eating her as he’s fucking her. Just as I’m about to cum I wake up.

bunnyslayer93: Ah nice so would you let your husband do it with them to? Or would you just play with them?

Well a threesome would be nice ! Meaning all threw participate in the some !

bunnyslayer93: Now your with your husband do you ever still get with girls?

He says I can bring a female into the bedroom it’s just hard when our almost 7 months pregnant with a crazy sex drive!